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  1. I'm still learning. But for me there was a lovely atmosphere in the pictures and well balanced colors. Great credit to the man with the dog at 3:13. The comment from Jarle Leirpoll must have been the ice on the cake. Best wishes from Borris.
  2. Hej Michael Rigtig flot film i natur skønne omgivelser - klippet i den perfekte tempo - sad faktisk og drømte tilbage til den tid hvor man ikke kendte ordet: Stress ! Har en enkelt gang været lodt på en MY`er
  3. 26mook commented on Canon XF100
    You can see my London movie here - in a low resolution because I have a slow network connection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yK4crh0qrw8&feature=channel&list=UL