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Based in San Diego with an office in New York, Fred+Ethel provides creative direction, film+video production, graphics and editorial for B2B corporate and commercial marketing. We listen, discuss, explore and then, deliver practical, creative solutions for the challenges of today’s marketing professionals. Our collective ethos is to identify and shape a story first, and then, determine the most effective technique and tools with which to proceed.

Building upon our years of experience with brand marketing, we are adept at producing case studies and client testimonials. Have a story to tell? Please let us help tell it!

Bill Aylward
Producer/Director/Principal Bill Aylward has over twenty years of experience in creative direction and visual problem solving for video. He has worked on a profusion of media projects as a director, writer, designer, animator, editor, and overall creative in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Stockholm, Munich, Milan and Las Vegas.

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