Charley Quinton

LaCenter, Kentucky

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I was born a rock star. I don't know exactly what happened after that.

I play and sing meaningful songs from my heart and I dance with my whole soul. Sometimes I speak profound truth that is seldom spoken. Sometimes I just ramble. I'm essentially homeless and penniless but I'm quite accustomed to it. I believe in Jesus and He believes in me. It would be nice if you did too. We believe in you.

Lot's of people have recorded, videoed, filmed and photographed me. I don't know exactly what happened after that. Perhaps you're going to help me out a bit? Here is my Vimeo Channel.

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  • OzoneFarm - OzoneFarm is an open brand idea that some friends and I work through to create community.


  1. Tulane School of Architecture
  2. Megan Hollingsworth
  3. Andrea Calvetti

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  1. Close. Very close to the redwoods - close to each other. Ever closer to where we belong - together.