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United Kingdom

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UK based film and television editor.

Awaydays (Feature Film)
Love (Short Film)
Stand Up For Love (Short Film)
Man & Dog (Short Film)
Ice Patrol (TV Show)
Powder (Feature Film)
Opera's Fallen Women (TV)
I Shouldn't Be Alive (TV)
Titanoboa: Monster Snake (TV)
A Touch Of Cloth (TV)
A Touch Of Cloth II (TV)
Behind The Scenes: A Touch of Cloth (TV, 2013)
Rude Tube (TV)
A Touch Of Cloth III (TV)
Inside Number 9 (TV)
Obsession: Dark Desires (TV)
Top Coppers (TV pilot)

Email: rhysbart@gmail.com

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  1. After my 20 or so click on that play button.. have to say I really love the video !! And that guy looks awesome on camera full of character... Invigorating song too .. Catchy..