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I am abstract. I see things in lines, shapes and patterns. I have a unique form of color blindness whereas I can see color, my brain chooses which to interpret and which not to bother. I currently use a 60D and I am having serious trouble brainstorming new film ideas after watching the amazing multitude of great pieces on here.

Should you wish to give me a hand in that process or just bounce ideas off me, please send me a message!

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  1. Avalanche commented on METRO
    Congratulations, you have precisely envisioned exactly how my abstract brain picks and chooses things for me to see, in certain patterns shapes colors and sounds. Bravo!
  2. Thank you for some amazing inspiration! I have a 60D and I'm foraying into the world of time-lapse. This is getting the brain gears running. Great video/music!
  3. Quite beautiful!