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SuitCase Media & Productions specialises in the best video and still productions for social networking and traditional media. We are a team of highly creative and uniquely skilled individuals with a penchant for using sound, video, still photography and solid writing to tell intriguing stories.

We work with Canon 5D series cameras and GoPro HD units to produce HD videos primarily linked with handpicked music selections or voiceovers, in order to bring attention to an event, organisation and sponsors. Our attention to detail also provides a behind the scenes feel to our productions.

There are few opportunities we will turn down because we hate to say no to something exciting and challenging. Every member of our team is an experienced world traveller, adventurer, sportsman, adrenaline junkie or expedition specialist. And we all have a passion for the unusual. We love our work and our art. We love to display it and have people watch it. We cover sporting events, construction projects, expeditions… anything that needs a web presence and the attention of a web or social media outlet. Our passion is your gain.

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