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Usability engineer for eBay, Inc. UX developer for Joomla!

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  1. It's not simple. I want module's not on the menu page (news f.e.) but I want them on all individual newspages. How can I do that. I can't get it to work ;-( (Joomla 3.x)
  2. That means no backend any more. There is no sense for backend any more.
  3. I agree, anything to make joomla more user friendly to the average web user is a plus... as long as we don't dumb it down too much and lose advanced features.
  4. @jomsocial the chosen route is a first step in simplification of presentation & UX vs. today's current overwhelming module menu assignment. I actually think it's perfectly functional, you should pull the repo and try it. Additionally I'm open to…