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After 15 successful years in the Los Angeles film and TV industry, where he produced, directed and/or edited TV shows, PBS and cable documentaries, and commercials, Carey joined Sierra Games, in 1995, and has been with it, in its many incarnations, ever since. Over the years he built and managed three successful video/media production studios, the first at Dynamix, a Sierra Division in Eugene, Oregon. In 2000 he was transferred to Sierra’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, tasked with building a more robust production studio and managing a larger team. In the process Carey was promoted to Senior Director.

By this time Vivendi, a French multi-conglomerate, had acquired Sierra. In 2003 Carey moved south to take over the audio/video studio at Vivendi Games’ Los Angeles headquarters, re-building and consolidating the previous infrastructure. Equipped, staffed and managed as one would expect of a high profile, external audio/video facility, the success of the Vivendi Media Productions Department resulted in his promotion to Vice President.

During the four years spent at Vivendi Games HQ, in addition to game content, game trailers, web trailers, and special event productions, Carey’s team produced the content for numerous special edition game releases, including F.E.A.R Director’s Edition, and the Scarface Collectors’ Edition. He also produced two TV specials: 50 Cent: Bulletproof –Inside the Hood, and Scarface: The World Is Yours, for Spike and MTV. Keeping abreast of digital video’s ever changing equipment, methods, and formats, and anticipating the requirements for the coming next-gen consoles, Carey carefully managed a complete HD media solution, with little or no disruption to his department’s busy workflow.

Late in 2007, concurrent with Vivendi’s merger with Activision, Carey transfered to one of Activison’s most successful game divisions, Radical Entertainment in Vancouver, BC, Canada. There he joined a small, newly formed department - Radical Studio Marketing - with its primary mission of producing innovative consumer facing media. Carey was responsible for the video production, ranging from viral web releases to high-end behind-the-scenes programs. He also consulted the development teams and produced in-game content, all while enjoying the beautiful view of Vancouver’s skyline and nearby mountains.

In the summer of 2012, Radical Entertainment was shuttered by its parent company Activision, casting Carey adrift to seek happiness once again as an independent Media Producer. He's currently very happy.


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