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Drawing on the magic of football, this is the story of a struggle and the solidarity that results

"The Ladies' Turn tournament is an unique adventure in Senegal because it suddenly made a hidden activity visible. Ladies’ Turn seeks to promote women playing soccer on fields, prime public spaces, in the heart of Senegalese neighborhoods. It encourages women to occupy a social space from which they are normally excluded.
But this displacement of territory does not happen without conflict. It is precisely for this reason that I was interested in this story: the new visibility actually creates problems, especially resistance, and reflects changes that go well beyond soccer. Interestingly, as much as it is difficult for girls to play football in Senegal, it remains equally true in Europe...
Far from stigmatizing a society and its diverse tensions, I prefer to portray young women like Seyni who teach us something through their drive for change, their freedom and joy of playing through the story of the tournament.
Through their desire to play a sport traditionally reserved for men, women players have struggled to invent different ways of being, caring and showing, apart from the roles they traditionally hold in their society. These women are in permanent negotiation between their society, a changing world and their intimate cultural identity. The film not only describes their commitment and its challenges; in being part of their adventure, it is fed by their strength and it shares their hope."

Helene Harder

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