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The 12for12k Challenge is the brainchild of Press Release PR owner Danny Brown. Inspired by the way that social media has changed so many lives for the better already with various charity promotions, Danny wanted to do something that was both easy to take part in and have the potential to change as many lives as possible.

The 12for12k Challenge started taking shape.

With statistics showing that the easier something is to remember and support, the more likelihood of people taking part. If a buzzword or catchphrase can be short and punchy, people remember it - this was the genesis of 12for12k, the acronym for the 12 for 12,000 Challenge.

The concept is simple:

* 12 months of the year
* 12 charities, 1 chosen every month
* 1200 people
* $10 donation per person, per charity, each month for 12 months, a total of just $120 per person over the year
* The goal - $12,000 per charity, $144,000 raised overall by December 31 2009

The hope is that by keeping the donation amount small but the donating numbers high, the 12for12k challenge will not only be simple, but doable. $10 per month should be an easy amount for most people to give. One less beer; one less pizza; one less magazine - is it too much to ask for so little that can benefit so many?

Let’s make history together.

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