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Christopher is a self-taught photographer, cinematographer, and video editor, originally from San Francisco, California, but is currently based in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. His experience includes working as a Picture Editor and Chief Photographer for The Edinburgh Journal newspaper, as well as forming his own freelance photography business and pursuing his own personal documentary projects. He derives his sense of narratives, aesthetics, and representations from his studies in literature at the University of Edinburgh, where he received a Masters of Arts with Honours in English Literature.

In the past, he has been published online twice with National Geographic, as well as with various local magazines based around Edinburgh, including The Skinny, Yellerzine, and Nomad Magazine. He has also attended a Professional Practice workshop with Magnum Photos in 2012. He is constantly learning and developing his practice and style through various formats of digital/film photography and film, and seeks to explore the human experience and heighten awareness—socially, culturally, economically, ecologically—through varying forms of visual media.

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