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Hello to all, Thank You for visiting my Vimeo Page.
My Name is Lance Reed, I am a self-Taught (Landscape, 'Long Exposure Photographer'), (People or wedding Photography etc, DON'T interest me....)

What I am passionate about is Long Exposure Photography, I believe that through 'Long Exposure techniques' and my 'Digital Darkroom processing', I can reveal a surreal feel.......Atmosphere.... Story, to a composition, This is the way I express myself, creating the vision!

I class myself as a deep thinker, this is why I feel I can resonate with different scenes and express myself through the 'passage of time' that the beauty of Long Exposure Photography brings to my world.

Photography has taught me to appreciate my surroundings.....When I am waiting for an exposure to end,(Which can take several minutes at a time) I like to reflect and savour the moment, to take in nature and my surroundings.

I believe that every person on this earth brings a chapter, a verse to this world, Photography is my way of expressing my verse, and hopefully touching one's soul through my vision.
I also enjoy Time-Lapse Photography.

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