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Arnhem, The Netherlands

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The ArtEZ Master of Choreography is a 2-year full time (though partially residential) practice-as-research programme. At ArtEZ we enjoy the privilege of maintaining small groups of international choreographers (three or four every two years), providing each choreographer the possibility to design and conduct an own independent research in close dialogue with peers, teachers and mentors. The program stimulates individual growth, support, and challenge by addressing ‘tensions’ between improvisation & composition methods, process & product attitudes, material & immaterial movement, and discursive & non-discursive flows or forms of communication.

During the intensive weeks of sessions, tutorials and workshops in the small city of Arnhem, choreographers are given the opportunity to work closely with each other, with inter-national guests and mentors as well as with large and small groups of dancers from the ArtEZ BA in Dance. The possibility to interact both locally (within ArtEZ and with partners in Arnhem) and internationally (with the exchange platforms ArtEZ is a part of), offers a challenging and stimulating professional environment for the artists.

As of September 2014 it will become the ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices Programme, under the leadership of Ruth Collier.

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