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Analogue Spheres is a music blog that aims to share and write about new independent music, in its broadest tense. We focus on independent music made by new and established acts.
The site was founded in Belgium by Johan Baeten and was launched in May 2012. We tend to daily update the blog with MP3s, streams, videos, interviews, and sessions.


  1. The Sounds Of Sweet Nothing
  2. Alex Penrose
  3. Nabovarsel Bergen
  4. Camille Marotte
  5. M.A. Constantin
  6. SHINE 2009
  7. Flo Morrissey
  8. Secretly Jag
  9. NEW ROMANTICS - Iris Piers
  10. loroto
  11. Björk
  12. appalOOsa
  13. chad valley
  14. Last Gang Records
  15. sofie
  16. Southern Shores
  17. Crystal Fighters
  18. Anna Calvi

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