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  1. Loved this! It was my favourite of the lot. I loved the composition of the images along with your recitation and choice of melody. The stylistic nature of this video enabled the audience to interract with the protagonist on a 'personal' level. Very…
  2. I loved how you tapped into the man's persona by filming from their eye level. I think this was a really effective way of giving your film a very personal tone. It also added to the reverie of life that was occuring. I haven't watched all the videos…
  3. Great use of images and video footage. It was well composed with effects and transitions kept in mind. The music that accompanied the video fit extremely well and it was good to see that you included yourselves in the video and were involved in it…
  4. I liked the music, but the best part was your reading. I thought that the 'conversational' style you spoke in was perfect for that poem.
  5. I thought that your representation of this poem was really good. As the images were literal, it made it easier to understand the poem and it's context. I liked that there was no music behind the visuals or spoken text as it created an eeiree feel…