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  1. It is really a nice thing when you suddenly find something of the good old days. The other day I came across a photo album of my high school years. It reminded me of many fellow classmates and many stories that happened during those years. The old…
  2. I have listened to this lullaby many times. It's so nice :-) Seems you like cat? I like cat too. I am planning to get a little cat in my new home :-)
  3. I give my thumbs up to the girl :-) She played really great!
  4. It makes me feel so calm. Haven't had this kind of feeling for a long long time...
  5. For users who need to convert their MXF files (from Cannon/Panasonic P2/Sony camcorders) to Apple ProRes codec for editing in Final Cut Pro (6 and above) or Final Cut Pro X, the program recommended is Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac or Aunsoft Video Converter…
  6. Hi Nema Brewer, This is Sam, customer service from Aunsoft Studio. I found your post after searching on Google. We recently did receive several feedbacks from our customers that their MXF files (from Cannon C300, XF100, etc) converted with no…