Istanbul, Turkey

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ABOUTBLANK is an innovative inter-disciplinary architecture office founded by Ozan Özdilek, Hasan Sıtkı Gümüssoy, Erhan Vural and Gökhan Kodalak, and practices architecture and urban planning since 2005. The works of ABOUTBLANK, ranging from exhibitions and stand designs to the scale of buildings, urban masterplans, and idea competitions, have been granted many national and international awards. And, as a team that emphasizes collective production, ABOUTBLANK has collaborated with several national and international partners, including but not limited to MVRDV, AECOM, 3PLUS1 and Martha Schwartz Partners.

Productions of ABOUTBLANK emphasize a rigorous hybridity which simultaneously puts forth analytical and pragmatic frameworks, while inventing new capabilities through flexible and creative system manipulations. Thus, ABOUTBLANK is the name given to a virtual plane, that actualizes the organization of different inputs of a variety of socio-spatial vertexes in a process-driven design setup, so as to produce fresh lines of flight within architectural and urban milieus, backed by nuanced political, cultural, and economic analyses.