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Storyteller, Writer, Director, and Cinematographer


  1. Real Life Ministries
  2. Ekaterina Makarova
  3. Ian Reid // Distant Moon
  4. Nolan Wilson Goff
  5. Eliot Rausch
  6. Philip Bloom

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  1. Dear god, that was one of the greatest minutes of my life. Didn't know such brilliant filmmaking with such depth could happen so quickly.
  2. Well done, Jeffrey. Great directing and fantastic writing: the dialogue was beautifully natural and so was the performances. Quite evocative, too. The tension was very palpable.
  3. great video. does the gh4 have aspect ratio markers in the camera, or did you shoot normally in 16:9, and then crop it without any markers? thanks :)
  4. This short film was perfect.
  5. So wonderful! That perfect cross-dissolve though. What was this filmed on, Cherith?