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BIFF launched in 1997 to advance the love of independent film from around the world in Bermuda and to encourage and inspire young Bermudians to capture their very special narrative through a camera lens. It has welcomed numerous celebrities and stars of the film world over the years, including Michael Douglas, Earl Cameron, Willem Defoe and Richard Dreyfuss. While there are more than 1,000 film festivals worldwide, only 62 are Academy Award qualifying festivals and BIFF is one for the Short Film (Live Action) Oscar. Since becoming a qualifying festival in 2004, two of our Shorts Award winners have gone on to win: Wasp (2005) and Toyland (2009).

BIFF is, however, much more than an annual event, the organisation operates all year round to achieve its goals, hosting various BIFF Film Academy events. School screenings, filmmaking and screenwriting workshops, along with summer camps expose local people to the creative and dynamic world of independent cinema and nurture emerging homegrown talent. BIFF also hosts a monthly film series, BIFFlix, to bring the very latest movie movers and shakers to the big screen in Bermuda.

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