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Yuri Baranovsky is one of the founders of Happy Little Guillotine Films (hlgfilms.com) -- a production company on the forefront of online entertainment. HLG Films is responsible for not only creating one of the first, original web series, the groundbreaking BREAK A LEG (breakaleg.tv), but also for creating and producing some of the web's biggest branded campaigns, like the Slurpee Unity Tour (Winner of the PRO CAMPAIGN OF THE YEAR award) and Leap Year (leapyear.tv) -- all of which Yuri also directed and co-wrote. Aside from his work at HLG Films, Yuri has also written for several popular web series (SUITE 7, TEMP LIFE) and was the Head Writer of the MOJO HD's TV and internet series, THE CIRCUIT.

Finally, Yuri is a thrice-published, internationally-produced playwright -- a fact that he likes to share quietly, in dark places, where theater still matters and the names of Neil Simon, David Ives and Tom Stoppard still bring with them a God-like reverence.

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