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I always say that moviemaking is child's play for me.
When i was young, i wanted to be a martial art master, but i was moved by movies such as The Exorcist, Star Wars, The Shining, Rocky and Alien. When Tony Scott's "Revenge" rocked my world, i decided to become a filmmaker.
I was just 16 when i had the first camera in my hands.
At 21 i became a music video director.
At 23 my fiancée left me... I was devastated, so i wrote, directed and produced "TRAUMA". This short film helped to become a commercial director... Thanx to her ^_^. Few months later i wrote and directed a new short film "FALLEN ANGELS". The film won the Grand prix at the Valenciennes Film Festival.
At 24, after 2 very small commercials, i directed a spec commercial for KOOKAI... When the client saw it, he said "HOW MUCH ?"... 2 months later, the commercial won a bronze Lion at the 1997 Cannes films festival and i received the "Club des D.A Grand prize". This film changed my life.
At 27 Luc Besson asked me to co-write and to become a first time director with the feature film "YAMAKASI".
At 33 i co-wrote and directed my second feature film "LES FILS DU VENT".
At 35 i directed and co-produced my third feature film "SCORPION". The same year, i received my second Bronze Lion at the cannes Films festival.
At 36 i directed my first episode of a tv serie : "ALICE & CHARLIE".
At 37 i received 2 Lynx at the Dubai Films Festival, one silver and one Bronze. I also co-wrote and directed my first tv movie "FACTEUR CHANCE".
At 38 i wrote and directed my second tv movie "LEGENDE DE SANG".
At 39 i directed my third tv movie "LE POT DE COLLE".
At 40 i signed as a director, writer and co-producer for my next feature film "LOVE RUN".
I love doing movies...


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