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After a B.A. in English in my native France, and an M.A. in Film and Television Production at University of Bristol, I found in the UK some people sharing my passion and with who I could build a solid experience in filmmaking. This experience allowed me to go through different roles, such as assistant director, sound designer or camera operator, and to finally make my first steps as a director. Amongst the projects achieved, "The Secret Paths of Youth', a short film shot on super 16mm that I wrote and worked on as a sound designer, or more recently,"A Good Lad", a story I had written two years earlier and that I produced and directed in Liverpool (today in post production). I am today back in Paris, bringing back my experience to my native country, and planning to work on more personnal projects, exploring the world of documentaries, and focusing on the two roles I learnt to really appreciate: writing and directing.

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