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I am a professional photographer

Photography is a passion of mine, since my early age. I was just eleven, when I went with my father, for the first time, in a dark room, where I put my hands in the trays with chemicals for the development and I noticed incredulously the image that gradually formed on the white surface of the paper.
Today, after so many years and after millions of shots, I am here to talk about photography.
I'm a person who was able to transform a passion in his profession.
At the age of 12, after being my father’s assistant for many times, and after taking photos with my first Hasselblad, I did my first wedding shooting. Being incredulous in the work I did, I managed to have a good result.

Since then I kept on taking photos and on being praised by all those who looked at my photos.

After graduating the secondary school, I decided to turn my passion into a job.
I received a diploma as a photography operator at the school of I. P. I.A Casanova of Naples.

I wasn’t enough for me, I wanted more, therefore I decided to apply for the School of Photography and Cinema, which was in Rome.
I just needed another year for getting the STATE DIPLOMA IN FILM AND TELEVISION TECHNIQUE, achieved in 1996 with the highest number of votes.

Later on, I had the opportunity to teach photography to children with disabilities in a project called "ARK", at the institute I. P.S. I. Ponticelli of Naples, which gave me a lot of satisfaction, professionally and personally speaking.
Simultaneously I started working in television as a director of photography, as a cameraman and director.

After many years of working as a teacher and after so many television programmes and many other jobs, meanwhile collaborating with my father as well, in the world of photography, I have been living in Switzerland for only 8 years, doing my job as a photographer.

What do I like to photograph?
Everything, but, most of all, I focus on wedding photograph.
My approach in photography is marked by spontaneity, I don't take many pictures, only as many as are required. I usually move on the scene, looking for the best way to express what happens, I notice the details and I try to capture the most exciting and unrepeatable moments. .

Besides, I have many competitions and exhibitions all over the world.
The most prestigious personal achievement was to be the SEMI FINALIST TO THE MASTER HASSELBLAD in 2012.


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