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Taupo, New Zealand

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I aim to capture fleeting moments of light on the land in the way I see it with my own eyes that brings the ingredients of strong composition, dramatic light and beautiful scenery together into time lapse sequences. Like capturing a moment in time, I aim to capture the landscape in such a way that the viewer feels like they are there.

A landscape photographer is always 'chasing the good light' and forever scouting out new locations, this is a time consuming process and you just can't go out and 'invent' great light you have to wait for it to come along. I am driven by capturing those elusive moments in the highest possible quality and so that they are portrayed as close as can be achieved to what my own eyes saw.

Please leave a comment or contact me, I'd love to hear from you.

My time lapse work is available for licensing up to 4k resolution.


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