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  1. This immediately has the feel and grip of a National Geographic show. You want to settle in and learn right away. Thought the music was very fitting and set a nice tone. The characters had passion and were knowledgable. Really love the shot panning…
  2. Tough to mimic reality, but I thought this certainly looked and felt like a reality show. VO driving story with music carrying us along nicely. I don't know Oxygen well, but this seems like a format that would appeal to the Women 18-34 demo. Reality…
  3. Thought you were right on with the feel. Host is always on the move, information is key & you're using graphics well. Because these are really short attention span segments, I would have cut it a little quicker and had much more music underneath…
  4. Really good mix of b-roll and interview. Telling a story through food is what Food Network does. So I thought you were right on with that. Could have used a music change and a pacing change once the story became more positive. Overall, it was well done.
  5. You're clearly a very talented storyteller. This was shot extremely well. The acting was great and the tone was consistent. I am not entirely in tune with AMC and their programming, but I would watch this if it were on.
  6. This could air on Nick Jr. Gentle and nice characters teaching kids. Thought the execution was also really well done. You nailed it. Very good job.