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I have been in the media industry since 2001 with extensive experience as a DP/Cinematographer/Lighting Cameraman
Freelance Camera Operator, Over the past years I have managed and taken care of Camera work on numerous Tele films, Documentaries,Tv Commerical,Coparte Video, Magazine shows, Current Affair programs, Live shows, etc. My worked featured on major international and Pakistan broadcasts such as HBO, CNN, The Graudian News, Front line PBS, Channel 4, inclding TELEBIZ, CNBC Pakistan and DAWN NEWS TV, I have worked as a Senior Cameraman with Academy Award and Emmy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid - Chinoy Films. Now im working ad.mark visual communications agency film & video in Bahrain.

I have complete command over the following cameras: SONY -Z1, Z5, XL1, XL2, DSR250, DSR 400, D55 and DigiBeta.SONY PWM EX1,EX3 ,DSLR,7D ,Mark 111,Sony PMW- F 3 ,Red Scarlet

Specialties: Lighting
Documentry Filming
Editing FCP & Adobe Premiere Pro cc
Operated BGAN especially in out-station assignments

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