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Tim Wolff is a documentary filmmaker living in New Orleans, Louisiana. He received his education at CalArts in the directing for theatre and film program, studying closely with legendary director Alexander Mackendrick. In 1999, he began the first of 4 productions at HBO as a prouducer. He produced two segments of the show Real Sex, working with "Wigstock: the movie" filmmaker Barry Shils. "The Sons of Tennesse Williams", his first feature, appeared at over 30 film festivals around the world. "Sons" was acquired by First Run Features in January of 2011 for full distribution including theatrical release, DVD and Netflix. In July of 2013, Mr. Wolff was invited by the U. S. State Department to attend 8 screenings of "Sons" in 4 cities in China, representing the first time that the U. S. government had supported an LGBT film screening in public. His next feature is MOTHER: , an exploration of the African-American drag pageant culture of New Orleans, starring transgendered rap artist Katey Red.

His yet-to-be produced narrative dramatic feature, THE BALLAD OF YES AND NO, tells the dark and comic story of tragic life of Josephine Winters, a fallen Jazz legend, fleeing her own Doppelgänger on a hallucinogenic journey toward her complete redemption... with music.