David M. Boje

Las Cruces, New Mexico

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David M. Boje is a blacksmith artist, and Professor of Management at New Mexico State University, Distinguished Achievement Professor, and Bill Daniels Ethics Fellow | founder and president of Standing Conference for Management and Organizational Inquiry (scmoi.org).

David Boje is a storytelling philosopher, writer, and gives keynote speeches and workshops from Tasmania to Denmark on : What is antenarrative? business.nmsu.edu/~dboje/papers/what_is_antenarrative.htm; Quantum Storytelling; Ontological Storytelling Inquiry Method; Leadership and Story-Telling, Story-Listening, & Story-Noticing, Ethical Living Story, Value-Based Critical Theory Ethics.

Professor Boje is described by his peers as an international scholar in the areas of narrative, storytelling, postmodern theory & critical storytelling ethics. He has published 17 books and 124 articles in journals, including the top-tier journals such as Management Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Leadership Quarterly, and the international Journal of Organization Studies.

For info on his articles and books see peaceaware.com