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Minutia films: A collective of creative film makers.
We love making films, we create, conceptualize and produce bespoke short films, documentaries and music videos. We shoot for brands, business, broadcast, the music industry and independents.
Collaborations include; Lush cosmetics, Al Jazeera English, Monocle magazine, The Forgiveness Project, and Peace One day.
Please get in contact for more information:
theminutiafilmcompany@gmail.com or avyandrews@gmail.com


  1. Peter Newman
  2. The Forgiveness Project
  3. Bluetopia Media
  5. phil lind
  6. Shernay LaTouche
  7. Nick Canfield
  8. Cassius Matthias
  9. Islands & Rivers
  10. liberty smith
  11. James Heaphy
  12. Avy Andrews
  13. Kashfi Halford