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Blake9 and Bisquite meet through mutual friend, mentor and music collaborator Jaysonic in the year 2000. The two proceeded to work together releasing their first single on 7inch vinyl titled “Say What” in 2001. Despite the spontaneous release the single was well received among the masses. Selling 850 copies of “Say What” throughout the U.S. and Japan. Continuing with the momentum they released their first 12inch single in 2004 titled “Spilt Milk”, a second 12inch was released in 2005 titled “Deluxe Laminated”, a third 12inch was released in 2007 titled “Walking Thru Fire”. In 2008 Nine:Fifteen put out the “Plastic Wrapped Couch” digi single that helped feed the fire that was their first album, “Electric Blanket” released in 2009. Nine:Fifteen is slated to release their second record "Shooting in the Dark" November 27th 2012.

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