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HYPOTHESIS: The treatment for the restauration of the Earth and progessive growth for each occupant.

The glossing over of atrocities committed in the past which would translate back on one’s conscienceness and create an enormous positive influence on the future; exploitation and oppression will be heard.

The “prosperity” of people who robbed, stole and plundered caused global disruption, for the energy is taken away.

The “outside” is quickly secured by means of laws safe-garded worldwide and leaves thus no healthy flow anymore.

“The SQUARE”: borders, laws, and lies used to protect the confiscated obstacles have emerged from fear of itself to be robbed and in this way are a protection.

Now we are looking for a way out of the trapped energy enclosed by the “square”, which transforms the energy and becomes increasingly fiercer. See for instance the prosperity diseases, the pollutants warming up the Earth, the disturbed magnetic fields caused by among others satellites (satellites broadcast a frequency which affects the magnetic fields and contributes to the shift of the plates), the wars, the negative messages sent by the media, with all its implications.

The writers of the “squares” acknowledge the impossibility to have the energy flow, trapped within the square, be released. This is the reason why we are gathering here at the RIO + 20 to seek for solutions.

“We” dig within this square to find “depth” (LEVE OF CONSCIOUSNESS); on this level “we” who fight for what is currently possible, try to find new platforms, new foundations for the next generation to further build on.

The construction mentioned above aims at making the level of the current “squares” reached, smaller. They are surrounded by a larger (absorbed/liberated) square (the foundations that we are to write). Thus the later square built – “current square” - will be a dot in the newly constructed square, that is we look down (time) on this small dot, the Subversion moment. What is now the square is already worked upon to regulate the existing items within the “square”. This is my contribution on self-regulating work. This contribution, my hypothesis, tends to be for myself the most valuable and most human act and may be shared by others. COPYRIGHT

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