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Hi! I'm Judy and I am fifty-something...married to my first and only husband Mike for 32 years. I am a writer, a Mom of Jeremy who is 25 and just celebrated his 4th anniversary and is married to my beautiful daughter "in-love" Brooke and they along with their two feline son's, Simba & Tony live in Helena, MT. Our two girls, Cali and Stinker rule our little home. I love film....especially from the Silent Era through the emergence of "Talkies" and on through Hollywoods Hayday of the 1930's and 1940's. I became disabled since a health crisis in 2009 but had been working as an Executive Assistant for the Internationally known Christian Ministry called LIVING WATERS PUBLICATIONS/The Way of the Master for 7 years. I loved my work and my employers were truly wonderful. I do enjoy viewing a variety of videos with compelling stories, enchanting music and a good moral message. I am a devoted maturing follower of Christ; His Word, Teachings, Commands and all that being a repentant soul means. In my opinion, some of the most intelligent videos have been produced by folks like those I worked for, including Kirk Cameron. I am keen about the medium of video to express those issues that people such as myself are passionate about. I am a staunch supporter of educating, mentoring, assisting and advocating for Victim's of Sexual Abuse, Abuse in the FLDS and other Cults which use Fear and Mind Control.

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