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With all the great footage out there from the Sony hx9v I thought it only fair that the newly announced compact killers from Sony (RX100 & RX10) and the new 4k Sony HDR AX100 camcorder which also sports the new 1 inch sensor should have their own group page as well.

So if you are thinking of getting one, why not consider posting your footage on the Sony RX100 & RX10 and HDR AX100 user group page and give us your thoughts about your experience with these camera's along with any tips or insider tricks you may have used in filming and editing your footage.

I highly recommend visiting to have a look at the settings Brandon Li suggests for the RX100. The link to those settings is below.

His inspirational short films can also be found in our group.


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  2. Johnnie Behiri
  3. Philip Bloom
  4. Jeen de Vos Producties
  5. cinema5D
  6. Andrew Reid

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