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Vlad in Tears - Biography

Vlad in Tears was formed in 2005 in Italy when Kris Vlad (vocals & piano) invited his brothers Lex (guitar) and Dario (bass) to join him on this dream to create music inspired by sentiments and emotions. The line-up was completed with their long time friend Alex on drums.

As a common agreement they’ve named the band Vlad in Tears once it had a personal appeal to the style all members wanted to feature in their music: authenticity, beauty, darkness and aggressive Rock. Not after long, the first live presentations of the new founded band have started to attract several people who enjoyed the music and the concept it brought to the local scene.

It hasn’t taken much to Vlad in Tears getting more interest from the market and media what allowed the band to do an extensive touring through countries like Italy, Czech Republic, Norway and the UK. Their first demo tape “After the End” recording also dates from this time. The 10 tracks demo wasn’t aimed to be commercialized once Vlad in Tears meant to gift their growing loyal audience to have something to bring back home after experiencing a live show from the band.

What was a simple tribute from the band to the fans has raised the curiosity from the media as the several reviews and interviews can prove. Unintentionally, Vlad in Tears’ got on the spotlight and the Aural Music record company has offered them a deal to release their first full length: Seed of Ancient Pain in 2007 which was acclaimed as the “ Best Gothic Indie Release” of that year.

An extensive promotion has followed as Vlad in Tears continued its path to the top. The couple of years after their first album have been of intensive work but again with a positive feedback from both audience and media. It’s also been the period the band has debuted touring through the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, the previous Yugoslavia and Romania. No wonder their second full length “Underskin” (Hellfest Records) was released in 2009 and the tracks “You’ll Burn my Dream”, “You’ll Come Back to Me” have reached the charts.

In 2011, “Welcome to Vladyland” came to the stores bringing an entire new musical approach from Vlad in Tears. The full length released by Echozone has amongst its major features the versatility and depth the band developed for this work. Several concerts have promoted this new moment throughout Germany and the single “Here Comes the Rain” has been highlighted with an outstanding video.

On the sequence, Vlad in Tears’ faced a very difficult moment with the replacement of Alex for Salvatore Di Pressa on the guitar. It has indeed contributed for the musical rearrangement the band has promoted: a darker, heavier and more powerful sound. In December of that same 2012, the 3 tracks EP entitled “Night in Vladyland” has presented another new facet of Vlad in Tears. The single “Fallen Angel” proved how authentic those changes have been to the band and the media agreed: Vlad in Tears’ become even more broadcasted, opening path to their live performances at the German Festivals XSolidus and Dark Rock. Meanwhile the band decided to take a second guitar player into the band. Luca Di Pressa joins in May 2013.

The tale doesn’t end in here once Vlad in Tears is expected to release their following up later on in 2013. The band is currently managed by Mordhorst Music and soon more chapters of this dark and loud melodic story will come.

For more information please contact : office@mordhorst-music.com

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  2. Thanks a lot Steven, glad you like our music.
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