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About me well lets see My Name is Catrina, I'm a Christian.
I am German, Italian, Filipino, Spanish etc.....Big Family lol Im a Dancer i have been dancing since i was 2yrs. old mainly Ballet but also do jazz, Street, Hip-hop and much more. I luv Video games, Sushi, Cheese, Greek and Indian food, Classic Muscle cars, Paint-ball, Hiking/Camping and riding Horeses Not usuallly done in that order tho=D lol Winter is my fav. Season i luv everything about it. I am a BIG animal Lover! and In the Process of becoming a vet. Music is my passion not only for dance but I sing as well as write Lyrics (big fan of poetry). Josh Groban is my Fav. Singer he truely is a unique music artist with a one of a kind voice and sound. Some of my other music likes are- Linkin Park, Enya, Sarah Brightman, Paramore, Elvis, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Kiss, Aerosmith, Pat benatar, Twisted sister, Journey, foreigner, Air Supply Etc. I listen to a wide verity of music. Movies I like.....hmm big movie fan so Of course gotta Put Monty Python's The Holy Grail it is the best British comedy ever. Some other favs. include- The Lord of the rings, Starwars, Gladiator, 300, Never back down, Bride wars, shuan of the dead, 27 dresses, The Unborn, Twilight, Step-brothers. Too many to keep going so Basically Im a big movie person lol Luv Comedy, Horror, Romance/romantic comedy and Of Course Action. Well thats only like the tip of me so if you would like to know more feel free to ask.


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