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Over ten years in the making, the COVERT Empire is a tour de force of fashion and entertainment. An avant-garde movement in the over saturated and often inbred industries of clothing and design. Synthesizing art, music and life into a product that stands for more than just another brand name, the COVERT Empire does what most strive to do but few accomplish, giving you, the consumer, something to be a part of.

Established in the Midwest, but ever expanding, the COVERT Empire moves forward, pushing the limits of our art. With a multifaceted approach to our aesthetic, we strive to bring the freshest and most progressive artists and designs to a city near you.

Whether music, clothing or art, we at COVERT pride ourselves on delivering quality that is only paralleled by our drive to revolutionize independent art and culture into a more than just another fad. With a diverse roster of musicians, artists, designers and thinkers, COVERT is a powerhouse of creativity.

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