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Fire and water LLC

My equipment list,
Canon 5D Mark III,
Zacuto shoulder rig.
Zacuto Z-Finder,
Red Rock Follow Focus,
Zeiss 85mm 1.4,
Canon 24mm 1.4 Eos Lens,
Canon 24-70mm 2.8 Eos Lens,
Canon 85mm ef 1.8 eos lens,
Canon 50mm ef 1.4 eos lens,
Canon 100-400mm lens,
Canon 1x Extender,
Manfrotto 701 fluid head,
Zylight multi-spectrum onboard lighting,
1 Bogen 3182 Tripods with 501 fluid head,
Lanc with speed zoom/Focus control,
Zoom H4n recorder,
Sound Devices 4 channel mixer,
Rode shotgun Mic,
Senhieser ew100 wireless Mics,
Arri lighting, 600wt, 350wt, 150wt,
Mac OSX dual core with 2 TB internal drives,
Final Cut Pro 7


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  1. I have the new phantom 2, how did you connect ur camera to the gimbal? I have the same one but its only for the go pro set up. send me a message if you can or hit me up at I live in Rockaway. Lets hook up.