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2003 Graduated from The Korean National University of Arts; majored in Film Directing, minored in TV & Multimedia
2004 Participated at The Berlin Talent Campus of The 54th Berlin International Film Festival in Germany
Worked as a scriptwriter for ‘Haunted House’ ( Line Pictures)
2005 Assistant to director and screenwriter for feature fiction film "Kim Chu-Ja" (directed by Hyun-sueng Lee) Co- screenwriter of ‘The Girl is Bad’ (directed by Gyung-mok Park)
2006 Winner of the 2006 AISFF (Asiana International Short Film Festival) Fund Project,
2007 Worked as script writer for developing a treatment for feature SF movie ‘Avalon’
2008 ‘Lioness(es)’ was awarded First prize of Seoul International Women’s Film Festival
2009 Worked as a Korean staff and English interpreter for ‘Searching for Joy (Sarang-hea)’ (directed by Neil Dowling)
2010 Worked as a screenwriter for writing a feature film ‘Coffeehouse on Wednesday’
2011 Worked as a co-screenwriter for writing TV series ‘Para’, (planning project for Za-in-o independent production company)
Feature documentary ‘My father’s emails’ awarded of KOFIC(Korean Film Council) fund and EIDF fund of The 8th EBS International Documentary Film Festival
2013 Completed ‘My father’s emails’ was premired at The 9th EBS International Documentary Film Festival /'My father's emails' awared for best film at Seoul Indepentdent Film Festival
2014 'My father's emails' was released in movie theater

2001 ‘Playing With A Yoyo ‘ (16mm/ 15min./ Color/ Ficton)
2003 ‘Dust’ (35mm/ 9min. / B/W& Color/ Fiction)
The 6th Belo Horizonte Int' Short Film Festival, Brazil 2004
Special Award from the Official Jury
The 5th Women's Film Festival in Seoul , Korea 2003
The 2nd Mise-en-scene’s Short Film Festival, Seoul, Korea 2003
The 7th Int' Short Film Festival, Winterthur, Switzerland 2003
The 32nd Huesca Int' Short Film Festival, Spain 2004
Expresion en Corto Int' Short Film Festival, Mexico 2004
The 11th Torino Int' Women's Film Festival, Italy 2004
The 18th Edmonton Int' Film Festival, Canada, 2004
Invitation/ Non-competition
The 10th WMW Film Festival, Taiwan 2003
The 2nd Reel Venus Film Festival, New-York, U.S.A. 2004
MadCat Woman's Film Festival, U.S.A. 2004
The 18th Leeds Int’ Film Festival 'Short Panorama', U.K. 2004
2005 ‘Subway- Seoul’ (DV/10min./Color/ Fiction)
‘Lovers’ (Still/5min./Color/ Experimental )
Mise-en-scene’s Short Film Festival, Seoul, Korea
2008 ‘Lioness(es)’ (35mm/20min./Color/Fiction)
2012 'My father's emails'(HD/89min/Documentary)
2011 The 8th EIDF Fund Prize of EBS International Documentary Film Festival
KOFIC(Korea Film Council) Fund
2012 The Best Film Prize of the 38th Seoul Independent Film Festival
The Movie Collage Prize of the 38th Seoul Independent Film Festival
2013 The Critic’s Forum Choice Prize of The 1st Muju Film Festival
NAWFF (Network of Asian Woman’s Film Festival) Award in Taiwan
2012 The 9th EBS International Documentary Film Festival
The 38th Seoul Independent Film Festival
2013 Independent Film Campaign (CGV Cinema -Movie Collage)
Seoul Independent Documentary Film& Video Festival
Ik –San’s Woman’s Film Festival
The 15th International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul
Il –min Museum of art Documentary Archive
Korean Film Archive
Woman’s Film Festival in Inchoen
“Korean Documentary Special: The way to family, Seoul Art Cinema
The 208th Independent Film Presentation (KOFIC)
The 14th Woman’s Film Festival in Jeju
The 6th The aged Film Festival in Seoul
The 20th Woman Make Wave Film Festival in Taiwan
The 2nd Korean Film Festival –Project K, Frankfurt, Germany
The 8th Korean Film Festival/Festival du Film Coreen a Paris(FFCP),France

Film Release
2014 Opened in movie theaters in 24th April,

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