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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Hey guys ... Who am I ?.. I'm a filmmaker from Iceland. Born and raised in the town of Hafnarfjördur (ca. 20 minutes out of the capital Reykjavik). Went through the Icelandic filmschool and after that I have worked in various fields of the industry, ranging from pre- to post-production. Now I live and work in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I generally work out in the field but my time in post is ever growing. My company "Warrior King" is my means to realize my ideas as I freelance about the everyday life. I have a lot on the production slate, from an artistic short about loneliness, a beautiful documentary about our final farewells, to a myth/mystery TV drama series, a charity-driven reality TV series and a sci-fi feature about a second chance.

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  1. This small, yet significant, nugget of beauty just made my day ... there are few minds as amusing while storytelling and philosifying as that of children ... Thanks for sharing this ... and good luck to you :) Cudos to you and your crew ... HD