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My name is Andrea Bensussen and I'm 19 years old. I currently host a talk show called "The Talk of San Diego" which shows on Cox Cable and Time Warner Cable. My interests in the arts involve photography, painting, dancing, modeling and acting. I have been dancing since I was five years of age. The styles I have learned over the years involve: Tap, Jazz, Hula, Clogging, Modern, Hip-hop, Tahitian, Ballet, Lyrical, Belly and a few others.

I have been doing theatre since high school and my new passion is film. My first acting job was at Scream Zone; it’s one of those haunted house type of places. One of the characters I performed most nights was a young girl named Samara from the film "The Ring" Other characters I played were the typical diseased zombie, a cannibal and an annoying-disturbing clown.

I love performing. I find acting a fascinating thing; it's an art that each individual does in their own way. It's amazing to see all the effort put into a piece; viewing it from the beginning of the production to the final product. It's very rewarding and it's something I enjoy doing.

Some of my work

Short Films
(Music Video"Origin")
(Tap Acapella)
(Night 6)

(CA Flight Academy)
(Crunch Time)

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