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Hung-Wen Chen
(Taiwan)( choreographer and dancer)
Hung-Wen Chen studied at the Folkwang Universität der Künste (Tanz) and Department of Dance, Taipei National University of the Art, Taiwan. From 2010 until now she is working in Volkstheater Rostock as a permanent member. And she is also producing and creating dance projects in Volkstheater Rostock . Her work "Talk with Coffer" was in ilDance choreography competition 2013 did reach the 3rd place ,and obtained to be a select in 17th Internationale Solo Tanz Stuttgart :the Piece" V.V.V. (Veni vidi vici)" got in 'no Ballet' 8th International Choreography Competition Ludwigshafen 2013,and then invited to 5. INTERNATIONALE TANZGALA in Graz,2014 Ballettgala in Kiel.


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