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Film director with a passion for music.

“Freedom to fathom, contest, and construe through visuals”. This is what my works represent.

A career spanning more than a decade with roots in post production, Kaz has taken her strengths from the editing suite and into the field as a versatile director; award-winning multidisciplinary projects, promos, music videos, documentaries, and multicam concert recordings featuring international artists like Norah Jones, and commercials for clients like Cadillac and CocaCola.


  1. Stefano Morcaldo
  2. Carbon Studios
  3. LegitFilms
  4. andrei loghin
  5. Wut Dop Showreel
  6. Niklas Johansson, FSF
  7. Lokal
  8. Koenigsegg Automotive
  9. Wolf & Lamm
  10. Juge Heikkilä
  11. Tom Comerford
  12. James Post
  13. Troll VFX
  14. Attraction Distribution (aka DF)
  15. Digital-Tutors
  16. Pedro Fernandes
  17. Marco Iozzi
  18. Kennel Helsinki

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