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  1. Paul Wex

    Paul Wex Plus Graz // Austria // Europe


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    No rules, no deadlines, no discussions. autodidact since July 2010. Join me :) http://www.facebook.com/Paul.Wex.Films www.paulwex.com For OSX Users: Please use Safari 6.x or higher. I do NOT recommend watching my clips in Chrome because color playback problems. If you want to purchase…

  2. Andy Newman

    Andy Newman Plus Columbus, OH


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    Filmmaker, etc. Follow: http://twitter.com/andynewman Contact: http://madebyandy.com/contact

  3. Mayki

    Mayki Plus Poland Warsawa


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    Michal Socha (born in 1981 in Warsaw, Poland) – Director, graphic designer, animator and illustrator. Michal was born and bred in Warsaw, where he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. He is a wizard of storytelling and through his unique and compelling style he has captured audiences worldwide.His…

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