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I am a 60 year old naturist, interested in music, travel, food wine, cinema and rugby. Happy to chat with or meet like souls


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  2. Rom D
  3. Wsm Man
  4. Bill
  5. peter long
  6. marwil
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  9. S T
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  11. spanking vids

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  1. Graham Weston commented on spin
    very nice nude view
  2. very arousing
  3. Graham Weston commented on shot
    marvellous video, very erotic
  4. very nice view indeed
  5. you look superb, there are some lovely views of you
  6. another lovely video
  7. wonderful video, you look equally lovely in lingerie or naked, I love the end sequence
  8. Graham Weston commented on Bois 3
    great video,some very nice close up views of you, especially at the end