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  1. how interesting that you cast no judgement on these choices or any possible variations. Your choice of opposites also takes away the good / bad simplistic notions.
  2. Umm, sorry Colin but I will quote you - you are simply too succinct in a very abstract area! I also really enjoyed your tricky imagery with the slyly moving red sphere! Subtly shifted me along with your words!
  3. Lisa Furey commented on Lost in time
    Colin, the tone of your voice is compelling and wonderfully suited to the subject matter. The yes, yes, yes resonated for me.
  4. It seems that the only way to shut-up the constant awful stressful noise from the brain is to feel the peace and drop into the heart. This simple act highlights to me just how tortured I am by my brain masquerading as my personality, experiences…
  5. Lisa Furey commented on Seek Beauty
    Colin your dulcet tones and words are indeed beautiful!
  6. Colin, what an INCREDIBLE video. You have clearly pointed out the "elephant in the room" that all religions, society and most humans do not even consider, little less teach or suggest. Thanks many times over for this video.
  7. I am sure I am not alone in finding more stigma attached to having an open hearted view of money than I do my own heart itself! Thanks for de-mystifying Colin!
  8. Colin for the first time you have shown fun as woven through life and not as a separate event. what a relief!