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I am a Norwegian dancer-maker, improviser and performer and I'm currently engaged in artistic processes that interrogate my own creative interests and methodologies which mainly focus on propositions and provocations of the body in space and its resonance through language(s).

I am currently based in the UK and my research is often body-centric as I’m curious about internal and somatic sourcing and auto-ethnographic processes of creating solo work. I have developed a vested interest in autobiographic processes of (re)writing and (re)creating collective culturally memory and I'm therefore also interested in finding fluid transfers between creative and discursive practices that are sensitive to socio-political tendencies...this is a space where I can perhaps be a little more discursive about my discoveries, questions and processes through video documentation.


  1. Transporteringsdans/ M. Slaatto
  2. Gnarl Fest
  3. Kristal and Jonny boy
  4. Matilde Corp
  5. Dance Umbrella
  6. Mårten  Spångberg
  7. Siri & Snelle produksjoner
  8. Tilted Productions
  9. Jukstapoz
  10. Ravnedans
  11. Company Decalage-Marso Riviere
  12. Lila Dance
  13. Compañía Sharon Fridman
  14. Xenoki
  15. One Small Step
  16. janetnovas
  18. Dora Frankel

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