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Hristina Vardeva is born on 28th June 1984 in Sofa, Bulgaria. In 2012 she graduated Visual Arts and Film at the Hamburg Art Academy (HfbK). She was working as a photographer, flmmaker and organiser of cultural events for diferent organisations and collectives in Germany, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain. Currently she is living in Bulgaria where she studies Master degree in Journalism and Production. Her desire is to work as a visual anthropologist and to continue being active part of inspiring social and cultural movements.

“For me flmmaking is an unique way to express the ambivalent emotions and thoughts that sometimes threaten to explode with an inhuman strength. It is a tool that enables us to critically observe and refect the current socio-political turmoils. It is a living organism through which we can share thoughts and new ideas with the rest of the world.”
Hristina Vardeva

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