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  1. League Against Cruel Sports

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  1. The TV adverts show domestic pet cruelty needs funds , so they must not be telling the whole truth . Tell me why the membership is declining year on year , maybe they don't tell the whole truth and people vote with their feet , and leave
  2. I know the fate of Mink , If you want to protest stop the farming , don't infest the natural habitat with non native species
  3. Here is a picture , Look at the High fencing in it
  4. I wonder why the RSPCA spent £350.000 in court cases and now are appealing for funds to aid their domestic work . I will support their domestic concerns every day , but if something was worth prosecuting , then let the Crown Prosecution service…
  5. Minks , in case you are not aware are a non native species , that have devastated native wildlife , As the Grey Squirrel did before then , to release these into he environment where they damage natural species is surely not sensible behaviour And…
  6. I wear leather shoes and coats , I eat meat . I do not think for one moment that the animal dies totally happy , to do so would be idiotic . What I do do as an omnivore is ensure that I buy meat and animal products that have adhered to the highest…
  7. We can all Multi Task David , what we also need to do is to Prioritise , The fate of an Abused Child , The needs of the Terminally ill , the disasters throughout the world , all ride higher up my priority list than the welfare of my neighbours…
  8. I feel that if the effort spent trying to banish hunting of birds by gun was spent in other areas , the time would be better spent , There is the shooting of day old male dairy calves , that is a total waste , there is the lack of enthusiasm…