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Edson Jaccoud is a sales expert with vast experience in the structuring and training of sales teams. Is focused on reducing operational costs with increased efficiency in commercial areas. Graduated from ESPM (Escola Superior de Propaganda & Marketing) began his career in the textile market, forming and directing sales teams for companies like Wolens, Hollywood Sportline, Sparrow, East Boy, Musa and Dijon, among others.
Was responsible for the launch and idealization of Transport, a company that made history by way it has positioned itself in the young fashion market. Initially producing acrylic knitwear, it became the market leader in the segment of jeans. Years later, he founded his own manufacturing of sportswear and underwear called Bloomie’s, by the time the absolute leader in the sale of articles for fitness and cotton lingerie for the teenager and young market. Through the success with Bloomie’s, was invited to develop a new
company that came to be Corpo & Arte, today, a major in the concept underwear market with more than 40 franchises in major shopping center in the country.
In partnership with Primetex Saral, created the joint venture Primetex Brazil, which aimed to produce and import textile products from India. Through this partnership had the opportunity to develop and produce goods for nationally known brands in Brazil including, Luigi Bertolli, Bunny, Adjman, Riachuelo, Gang, Villa Romana, among others.
In the mid 90s, developed the SEI (Sale by Electronic Image) a pioneer system in commercial management that automated the sales process through the Wholesale Virtual Club, the first B2B portal focused on the textile sector.
He was director of Mart Center, the largest wholesale mall in Brazil, and has held leadership positions in multinational companies such as Telefonica, Comsat and Lockheed Martin where he further developed his background in technology.
He is currently the CEO and founder of ThreeSale, a company focused on sales results, which has brought significant gains to entrepreneurs from various sectors in Brazil and overseas, through his experience in the textile and technology market.

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