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  1. Making Stop Motion

    by Bruno Caetano joined

    316 Videos / 535 Members

    A place where you can watch, share and comment "Making of" and "behind the scenes" videos of stop motion animation productions from around the world. There is no better way…

  2. Babies!

    by Alex P. joined

    972 Videos / 327 Members

    The Babies! group is a great place to share videos of your babies, infants, or little ones.

  3. 3Dsmax-R&D

    by Toufik Mekbel joined

    1,067 Videos / 520 Members

  4. 3dsmax.users

    by Henrique Melo joined

    1,451 Videos / 556 Members

    This group is for all 3ds Max artists.

  5. Cgtuts+

    by Cgtuts+ joined

    96 Videos / 232 Members

    Adapt the tutorials from Cgtuts+ and post them here, also feel free to request tutorials by adding videos you think that would make for good tutorial material. Check out the website at http://cg.tutsplus.com

  6. MAXscript

    by HOOLONG joined

    45 Videos / 16 Members

  7. CG | MOTION Tutorials

    by aislan' joined

    567 Videos / 269 Members

    blender, After effects, photoshop, gimp. mocha

  8. Free HD stock footage

    by Phil Fried joined

    215 Videos / 14.6K Members

    all clips you find in this group I give away for free use in your productions! I hope you find useful stuff in here. feedback & tipjar welcome :-)

  9. Inspiring by Jacob Resch, Jannis & Fatlum

    by Jacob Resch joined

    7,928 Videos / 1,603 Members

    Post your Inspiring Animations, Demo Reels and more here :) please do not re-add videos to the group thank you :)

  10. Webflow Tutorials

    by Webflow joined

    6 Videos / 37 Members

    Watch it in this order: 1. UI Overview 2. Elements 3. Styling 4. Basic Layout 5. Responsive Layout 6. Start to finish (coming soon!)

  11. EQUILOUD´s Tutorials

    by EQUILOUD. joined

    19 Videos / 805 Members

    Cinema 4D & After Effects Tutorials moderated by Equiloud. Visit: www.equiloud.de More Tuts:www.c4d-ae-resources.blogspot.de

  12. Mo' graph Please!

    by J-Scott joined

    6,022 Videos / 1,942 Members

    A group dedicated to the wonderful world of mograph both incorporated into live action and stand alone pieces.

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